Daan Loohuis

Bedrijf Beeckestijn Business School / Adwise
Functie Senior Digital Strategist 


Daan Loohuis lectures at Beecekstijn on the topics Marketing Intelligence and Digital Anaytics. On a daily basis fulfills the role of Senior Digital Strategist at Adwise, a full-service digital agency. Capable of alternating between abstract strategy and day-to-day operations, he translates business needs to marketing strategies and choices to be made within the organisation and martech landscape.

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6 februari
Ronde 2:
10:45 - 11:30

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Digital analytics in the GDPR and ePrivacy era: strategies and tactics

Thema: Analytics

Zaal: Ipsos zaal

The privacy landscape has experienced a remarkable shift in the past year. GDPR has led to a lot of questions and short-term fixes. This year the ePrivacy directive is on the doorstep, bringing more to cope with. But the most important trend isn’t legislation: privacy is becoming more of a subject to end-users. So what happened in field of digital analytics since the 25th of May? What can organisations do to improve the quality of data and customer experience?

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