Kim Kruithof

Bedrijf Swapfiets
Functie Global brand marketeer


Started after a 2,5 year working experience on the research consultancy side a witch to the corporate company side. After the nice time full of insights in different companies and learnings at Motivaction I started working at Red Bull. A one on one with my always seeking thrill for waves, snow and mountains. After that maybe a even more one on one came on my path for Team Brunel, the Dutch sailing boat, in the Volvo Ocean Race. There the wind came in and I was blown away. After a full year of a corporate marketing experience I decided to step out of the corporate world. I wanted to experience a start-up and dynamic world. Therefore I started at Swapfiets which is growing really fast and very interesting to take part in the development with the marketing team.

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6 februari

The lifecycle of Swapfiets. The first bike subscription company in the world.

Thema: Marketing

Zaal: Kinepolis filmzaal

The story of the company from a marketing perspective. We will show and talk through some nice figures & facts about Swapfiets as a brand.

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