Sandra van Vemden

Bedrijf MARE
Functie Research Director


Not afraid to challenge the status quo, Sandra has busted many myths surrounding 50-somethings. With surprising and valuable insights on her side, she’s making everyone just as excited about this promising target group as she is.

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6 februari
Ronde 4:
13:45 - 14:30

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So Gen X is booming… But stuck in a rut marketing is in desperate need of a turn-around

Thema: Insights

Zaal: Kantar zaal

Elderly couples, in matching wind-breakers on e-bikes. Once you turn 50, this is the target group you belong to. At least in current Dutch marketing that seems to be the case. But does the reality of the 50-somethings you know match with that image? Probably not. Many brands and organisations are obsessed with the target group beteen 20-49 which is perceived to be the most interesting group for marketers. 

In samenwerking met: Daniella Roymans

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