Felipe Wesbonk

Functie Productmanager Digital Analytics


Felipe Wesbonk is Product Manager Digital Analytics at Traffic Builders. He is responsible for product development and supervises processes in the field of digital analytics and strategy for various companies, in order to increase online ROI. Felipe is coach of a team of consultants and gives various workshops. At SRM Opleidingen he teaches Webanalytics and Conversion Optimization and he is also coach and examiner at the Online Marketeer-B education.

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6 februari
Ronde 5:
15:00 - 15:45

The Power of Advanced Metrics in Google Analytics

Thema: Analytics

Zaal: Kantar zaal

Do you drive your digital marketing on sessions and conversions? Why don’t you look at the real result of your efforts? In my presentation I talk about the power of data enrichment and the advanced metrics which become available. By combining Google Analytics data with external quantitative and qualitative data, you can really create added value for your company. If you want to drive on actual ROI or the earned margin and want to know how, please join the presentation!

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