Jori van de Spijker

Bedrijf MetrixLab
Functie Director Global Solution Consulting


What motives me above all else is helping others understand the ever-changing world by turning data into insights. Topics that excite me are digital transformation, consumer psychology, the role of new media in the media- and creative strategy and innovation in research. With a background in consumer psychology and marketing management, I enjoy taking the perspective of both the consumer and the marketer to answer business questions. As Global Solution Consultant for MetrixLab, I work with global key clients to provide strategic support on insights, bigger picture learnings and innovation in research.

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6 februari
Ronde 5:
15:00 - 15:45

Advertising in a mobile world

Thema: Marketing

Zaal: MIE zaal

Around the world consumers have moved to mobile, changing consumer behavior and the way people consume media. As a result media budgets are increasingly moving towards mobile advertising. Facebook recognized this and has rolled out a global creative testing program together with MetrixLab. Based on meta-analyses on thousands of Facebook ads, they share with you the creative guidelines to be successful in a mobile world.

In samenwerking met: Olav Lijnbach

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