5 Powerful Principles to Boost Insights & Innovation

22 & 23 september

13.30 uur


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The success of brands is insights-driven. In today’s competitive market, leading brands will be those who truly understand the evolving minds of their consumers at any time - what do they like, dislike, care about, and prefer when it comes to their choices? You will leave with an understanding on how brands leverage state-of-the-art research technology to quickly run their own consumer research projects using AI and automated advanced methods. Thus, research teams are creating high impact in their organization keeping a constant pulse on the consumers with real-time, high-quality insights, influencing marketing decisions, taking actions and developing competitive advantages. Technology is moving researchers from the passenger’s seat (buying and handing over insights) to the driver’s seat (generating and interpreting insights on their own, faster than ever before). As a result, insights managers are redefining their role within organizations focussing on the creative, not the repetitive side of research.

Peter van Keulen

Peter van Keulen

Client Development Director

Peter is the Director of Client Development at quantilope. Prior to quantilope, he joined award-winning knowledge management tech start-up Stravito early on, as Global Account Director. Before that he worked as Managing Director for international market research as well as shopper marketing agencies. Peter started his career working for global consumer brand companies, such as Mondelez, Heineken, and Pepsico. He is an expert in the field of shopper research and marketing.

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