How to optimize online CX and create a winning team culture by listening to customers?

22 & 23 september

13.30 uur

Zaal 2

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English flag Do you want to beat the competition in online finance and improve using customer feedback?

Learn how ABN AMRO structurally optimizes online CX in multiple online finance customer journeys like Personal Loan and Investment Banking.

Additionally, you’ll learn how ABN creates a winning team mentality with the help of the WUA Digital Experience Dashboard.

Klaas Kroezen

Klaas Kroezen

Founder & CEO

Klaas Kroezen is co-founder and CEO at digital experience benchmarking agency WUA.

Nieske van Woerden

Nieske van Woerden

Customer & Market insights expert

Nieske van Woerden is Customer & Market insights expert at ABN AMRO. In her role, she focauses on customer journey research, optimization and feedback measurement.

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