Why Subscription-Based Business Models Need A Behavioral Approach

June 07th

04.30 PM


English flag More and more companies are making the shift to a subscription-based business model. Whether it's a service or a physical product, engaging the customer through a subscription model is gaining traction.

In this session, it will become clear why companies across many product categories are shifting to subscriptions as a business model, and why a behavioural science approach to consumer insights becomes even more relevant in this context.

Anouar El Haji

Anouar El Haji

Founder & CEO

Anouar El Haji is the founder and CEO of the venture-back behavioural science company Veylinx. He obtained a PhD in Marketing from the University of Amsterdam and is a winner of the MOA YoungTalent Award. His publications have been featured in both academic and non-academic journals.