What is the most appropriate Insight Engine for your organization?

May 20th

09.00 AM


English flag Insight engines are software platforms that can generate automated insights and involve all available information sources.

These engines support in Consumer Understanding by “Exploit what you already know“. This refers to market research reports, social media and internal as well external data sources.

Insight Engines are not meant to give only a view with hindsight but can also be applied for detecting trends in an early stage and prepare companies for the future.

Sjoerd Koornstra

Sjoerd Koornstra


Sjoerd is partner at The House of Insights, which supports companies to upgrade the level of the insights discipline. He has a wealth of international experience in developed and developing markets and worked more than 30 years at Heineken. He is an active speaker at international congresses and has produced several publications. ​He has a master's degree in applied econometrics in business administration and has gained several data science qualifications.