Trends & Technology: How insights technology disrupts the global research industry. On the example of the food industry

May 18th

12.30 PM


English flag Insights managers are experiencing more influence and impact on the direction of their company and are solving more unique, more challenging business questions.

In this online session marketing and insights managers learn how to leverage technology to keep a constant pulse on the consumers with real-time, high-quality insights, influencing marketing decisions, taking actions and developing competitive advantages on.

Stefan Röse

Stefan Röse

Director Client Development

Stefan Röse is Director Client Development at quantilope. Stefan is an expert with a great deal of experience in market research digital solutions and data-based corporate leadership. Formerly he had been in the management of the GfK market research institute since 2015, first as Global Account Director for global CPG companies, then as Senior Director for the Supercrunch digital analytics unit, and most recently as Group Director at GfK Digital.

Laura Geburtzki

Laura Geburtzki

Account Executive

Laura Geburtzki is Account Executive and Agile Business Owner at quantilope. Laura has been working with many global enterprise brands transforming the way of working successfully with consumer insights. During her career she build a strong expertise in both business development and account management.