SIMPLEX Implicit – Explicit Research Hybrid, made simple

May 10th

12.30 PM


English flag Listening to people’s inner voices is at least equally important as listening to their outer voices. Declarative research is not enough to understand and predict consumer behaviour. This is why a growing number of marketing professionals is willing to experiment and try-out implicit research.

Unfortunately, that extra layer of implicit data does not make the job of the marketeer any easier. “How do I combine explicit and implicit insights?”, “What do I do when the inner voice is contradicting the outer voice” This sort of confusion and complexity is the very last thing marketing teams need. We need to remove the complexities and make implicit research much simpler to work with.

This is why Beyond Reason has developed SIMPLEX. An Implicit - Explicit Hybrid, with maximal simplicity, that can be used by research agencies and brands alike.

Olivier Tjon

Olivier Tjon


Olivier ‘Oli’ Tjon is co-founder of Beyond Reason, Europe’s fastest growing neuro-marketing & decision science consultancy. With projects in +30 countries for some of the world’s greatest brands, Beyond Reason is globally recognised as expert in implicit consumer research. Besides analysing the hidden component of purchase decisions, Oli gets his kicks from trail running and obscure techno music.