Phebi Presents: Voice, the next AI frontier in healthcare research

June 01th

04.30 PM


English flag Healthcare companies need to better understand the experiences created by digital and non-digital brand touchpoints and channels, especially during this era of change.

Voice technology and emotion AI offers a new approach to easily capture and analyse the experiences in healthcare while interacting with brands.

This offers valuable data with a new way to monitor touchpoints and identify the right mix of channels for engagement and brand loyalty.

"In this webinar I will share with you my passion for voice in healthcare research and outline a novel approach to identify experiences across brand touchpoints and channels using voice technology and emotion AI."

Abigail Stuart
Abigail Stuart

Abigail Stuart

Founding Partner

Abigail Stuart has 20+ years’ experience consulting with healthcare companies and has a great understanding about how data and technology are changing the needs and behaviours of customers and the consumerisation of healthcare. She helps companies with strategies, communications and offerings that fulfil changing consumer needs and preferences and engage them in end-to-end customer experience.