Phebi presents: It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say, that’s what gets results!

May 17th

12.30 PM


English flag Phebi—pronounced FEE-bee, like the Friends character—was founded in 2018 based on this simple insight. After voice took off and became a natural part of modern life globally, we set out to create voice-driven solutions for market research.

Mike Page will show how continuous non-conscious measurement of speech can add true depth to any analysis and how this can be done in real-time to bring new insights and consistencies to any methodology.

Phebi won the 2020 IIeX Insight Innovation and MRS Technology Innovation awards.

"Voice is the most intuitive, natural and efficient way to communicate. It’s also an emotional microscope."

Mike Page
Mike Page

Mike Page


Mike Page has 20+ years of experience in data-centric software and new technologies. He's a serial innovator and before founding Phebi, Mike was the MD for Cognicient, a business intelligence technology company he co-founded focused on analytics and enabling the creation of research data marts. Over the course of his career, Mike has held various executive positions in the research industry.