How insights boost the creative process – stories from one of the most creative agencies in the world

8 juni

16:30 uur


English flag Cambri is a digital testing and insights tool that enables all innovators to combine advanced market research with agile experimentation.

Together with the award-winning creative agency Ingo Stockholm, Cambri is presenting how the new way of doing insights boosts the creative process. Ingo has been awarded as one of the most creative agencies in the world and are for example behind the famous Burger King Moldy Whopper that was the most awarded campaign in the world 2020.

Simon Stefansson

Simon Stefansson

Head of planning

Simon, who is accidentally called Stefan at least once per day due to his surname, is Head of Strategy and Planning at INGO. He has worked in the advertising industry for more than a decade and has experiences of both many successes and fuck ups. Which has led to a pragmatic view on how to work in the everyday to create world-class communication and brands.

Dani Kamrad

Dani Kamras

Head of Sales & Founder of

Dani has worked the past 10 years with supporting international consumer brands like Carlsberg, Fiskars and Haglöfs with an insight driven approach to innovation and brand building. Dani is one of the founders of Cambri and believes that agile insights is a superpower for all curious people that are continuously looking for new opportunities and need answers to their recurring what if questions.