How Conversation Design™ paves the way for true insights through more meaningful conversations

May 21th

09.00 AM


English flag Today, the market research industry faces tough challenges in connecting with consumers meaningfully. For example, the quality of conversations we have with consumers often get diluted due to clunky surveys that feel like a tedious interrogation.

As a result, consumers tend to provide unthoughtful and passive responses, leading to a blurry mirror of true consumer behavior and sentiment. Therefore the industry needs to relook at how we can improve the quality of conversations we have with consumers.

Jan Kienhuis

Jan Kienhuis


Jan is founder and CEO from Epiphany, Research Based Consultancy in Amsterdam. Epiphany believes that impactful business decisions are enabled and powered by consumer stories.

Annemieke Onderdelinden

Annemieke Onderdelinden

Global lead Transition Insights a.i.

Annemieke is an independent Insights consultant, serving FrieslandCampina’s global team as Global lead Transition Insights. Annemieke is steering growth and business development by consumer insights.