"Help! My customers are not doing what I want”

3 juni

16.30 uur


English flag Organizations invest time and resources in order to motivate their customers. Many of these efforts do not lead to more sales, leads, engagement or other KPIs. These failed efforts do, however, leave you frustrated. Why are your beautiful images, compelling USP’s and moving content not effective? Why are your customers not doing what you want? You will learn how motivation really works, why you failed to motivate your customers, and what it takes to be successful. 

Florien Cramwinckel

Florien Cramwinckel

Dr. Florien Cramwinckel (PhD social psychologist) is an experienced speaker at national and international events. She is an expert on human behavior, data, and experimentation. She currently works for optimization agency Online Dialogue as a senior behavioral expert and uses her knowledge to understand, predict and influence online customer behavior.