Automate for your customer needs – and serve them better 

May 17th

4.30 PM


"To be loved is more important than to be trusted."

Dunya van Troost & Stefan Borghuis

English flag Automation enables companies to better understand their customers and offer personalized services. But not every aspect of automation and personalization is desirable.

Google and Ipsos researched this topic among brands in retail, finance and travel and will explain how striking the right balance can help build and retain customer trust.

Dunya van Troost

Dunya van Troost

Research Manager Benelux

Dunya van Troost is a researcher and works as a research manager at Google. She advises and leads research projects in the field of online consumer behaviour, media use and data ethics. Dunya joined Google in 2018, before that she was active at public television and connected to the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam as a PhD.

Stefan Borghuis

Stefan Borghuis

Senior Research Executive

Stefan Borghuis has a background in persuasive communication and has been working as a senior researcher at Ipsos since 2014. Within the Market, Strategy & Understanding team, he is mainly concerned with advising clients on brand perceptions and consumer needs and motivations.