3 Neuroscience principles to improve the ROI of your brand communications

June 3th

09.00 AM


English flag Presentation summary & what you’ll learn: How the brain processes and evaluates your communication tools. The 3 decision science principles that will automatically improve your brand’s influence on consumer preferences, choices and decisions. The pitfalls to avoid when developing communication tools.

Case study 1: A leading crisps brand - global sponsoring communication. One of the world’s biggest crisps brands, sponsor of champions league football, needed to improve the ROI of this huge investment. Our 3 step method enabled them to achieve record breaking results.

Case study 2: A leading cosmetic brand - product communication. This cosmetic brand had seen a decline in their communication relevancy and influence on sales. Our 3 step method identified the problem and provided the solution to regain competitive advantage and drive sales.

Nathan Axford

Nathan Axford


Nathan Axford is co-founder of Beyond Reason, Europe’s fastest growing neuro-marketing & decision science consultancy. With projects in +30 countries for some of the world’s greatest brands, Beyond Reason is globally recognized as expert in implicit consumer research. When he’s not increasing the performance of brands and agencies, Nathan increases his own performance on a mountainbike dirt track.