Humanizing Data in a Data-driven World

May 25th

09.00 AM

Data Science

English flag Is it possible for data and insights teams to speak the same language? Of course. However, to do so they both need to understand the 'why' behind behavioral data.

Dedicated to reducing churn at VodafoneZiggo, Ipsos humanized their customer database and churn prediction model.

With an emotional layer of motivation and behavioral science it became possible to offer personalized interventions to people at risk of churning.

"Insights on steroids."

Jan Zwang & Patricia Verhoelst
Jan Zwang

Jan Zwang

Senior Manager Market & Customer Insights

Together with the market & customer insights team, Jan always knows what’s going on. Growing up in his dad's electronics store, he started to learn about customers' characteristics from an early age. During his job as global account manager for telecom operators his interest in this specific market emerged. Jan won the MOAward for Insight professional in 2012 and is now a member of the jury.

Patricia Verhoelst

Patricia Verhoelst

Associate Research Director

Patricia Verhoelst is Associate Research Director at Ipsos within the Market Strategy & Understanding team and is very experienced with strategy studies. From segmentation to brand positioning and more. She worked on global and local projects across different categories. At Ipsos NL, Patricia makes sure the MSU team stays up to date with the latest developments within strategy research.