How to successfully implement data governance

May 19th

09.00 AM

Data Analytics

English flag Today, there is one thing you can find everywhere in a company; data. Now is the time of control, cleaning it all up and keeping the place tidy before it becomes an uncontrollable mess.

Yep, we are talking about Data Governance.

Join this session to learn how to take back control, from adopting the right strategy to implement your first actions. You can’t even start imagining the benefits. 

Guus Bartolomé

Guus Bartolomé


Guus started his career in Academia, and conducted a PhD on conflict framing in political communication. After obtaining his PhD he decided to focus on applied media research and now works at the research department of the NPO. Here, he focusses on web analytics and research towards online media behaviour, and is also responsible for implementing and managing online measurements.

Declan Owens

Declan Owens

Digital Analytics Expert

Declan first started in traffic management, then decided to specialize in digital analytics. After managing several large analytics projects internationally and leading teams of consultants, Declan has acquired a complete knowledge of how to answer business needs thanks to data. He is now recognised as an expert by his peers.