Hedy: A gradual programming language

May 31th

12.30 PM

Data Analytics

English flag Hedy is a gradual programming language to make learning programming easier. Learning to program can be hard. Not that programming itself is hard! But there are a lot of rules you need to memorize, just like when you started to learn English.

Similarly, you will need a lot of practice to learn programming. After a lot of practice, you can read these sentences with ease. But do you remember when you were learning to read? You took quite some time then for each letter! That is true for programming too, it might be hard in the beginning, but it will get easier.

Hedy is a programming language that helps you to learn step by step, because Hedy is gradual. That means that you do not have to learn all rules at once. The first few levels do not have that many rules, so you can get used to programming comfortably. In every level we add new rules, increasing the number of commands that you know.

Hedy is aimed at children that want to get started with textual programming languages, but for whom full-fledged Python might still be too complex. Hedy is open source, runs in the browser, is free to use and available in 6 different languages. Hedy was launched in March 2020 and since then over 500.000 Hedy programs have been created by children worldwide.

In this session we will explain you the pedagogy behind Hedy and reflect on what we have learned about teaching programming with Hedy so far. Want to know more? Try Hedy on www.hedycode.com.

Felienne Hermans

Felienne Hermans

Associate Professor

Check out her biography at: felienne.com/bio