May 2021

Digital 'Road to MIE'

>2500 Visitors

Meet (digital) marketers, data analysts, data scientists, researchers and other insights professionals

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A versatile program in the field of marketing, insights & analytics

Marketing Insights Event (MIE) 2021

In response to the latest trends & developments and the "Corona" forecasts, it has been decided to postpone MIE’21 to May 2021 and to use another event format. A MIE like never before!

The new MIE will consist of a hybrid (digital & physical), competitive format and will take place in May and September 2021. The event consists of two components: the digital "Road to MIE" in May and the physical "Best of MIE" on September 22 and 23. The overall theme will obviously be: It's all about insights.

In no less than 60 sessions during this “Road To MIE”, the latest trends and developments in the field of marketing, research, data analytics and data science will be presented, building a bridge into the future. The online sessions are offered to the audience in a qualitative, professional and interactive way via a webinar tool and can be viewed free of charge.

During the ‘’Best of MIE’’, lecturing will be exclusively limited to the speakers of the 15 best-rated online sessions from the ‘’Road to MIE’’, as well as 5 MOA partners. The ‘’Best of MIE'21’’ can be attended live: per day +/- 500 exclusive tickets will be available.

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Road to MIE program 2021

MIE’21 consists of two components: the digital "Road to MIE" in May and the physical "Best of MIE" on September 22 and 23. The overall theme is: It's all about insights.

The Road to MIE will take place from May 10 till June 4, 2021:

  • Week 19

    10, 11 and 12 May 2021 - (May 13 is Ascension Day)

  • Week 20

    17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 May 2021

  • Week 21

    25, 26, 27 and 28 May 2021 - (May 24 is Whit Monday)

  • Week 22

    31 May, 1, 2, 3 and 4 June 2021

  • Week 23

    7 and 8 June 2021

The Road to MIE consists of 3 sessions per day starting at 9:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM. All sessions last 45 minutes (incl. 10 minutes Q&A).

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MAY 10th


SIMPLEX Implicit – Explicit Research Hybrid, made simple

12.30 PM | Insights

English flag Most marketeers realize that listening to people’s inner voices is at least equally important as listening to their outer voices, and that implicit research makes a lot of sense - which is good. However, most marketeers who have used implicit research find it complex, confusing and difficult to work with - which is not good. Simplex solves this issue.

Olivier Tjon (Beyond Reason)


Mars’ transformation journey and the evolving data strategy

04.30 PM | Data Science

English flag During the session, Michelle will discuss the transformation process of Mars Wrigley and the changing thoughts about how to integrate data and insights. What works and what doesn't work, what pitfalls are there and what were the consequences.

Michelle Gansle (Mars Wrigley)

MAY 11th


The Subconscious Shopping Trip

12.30 PM | Insights

English flag Today, more than ever, brick-and-mortar retailers need to understand and tap into the subconscious drivers behind their customer’s behavior. This talk unveils the subconscious shopping trip.

Tom van Bommel (Unravel Research)

MAY 12th


Selecting Effective Product Claims

12.30 PM | Data Analytics

English flag In this presentation, we laid the groundwork for claims research: from types of claims, to ways to test them. We looked at best practices for the creation of claims, as well as the process of setting up the tests. We created several interactive processes that showed how different methods can answer various claims questions.

Maria Bomba (

MAY 17th


How to position and build an international brand in 4 steps: the case of Cloetta's, The Jelly Bean Factory

09.00 AM | Insights

English flag Romélia Schwarzkächel, Global Brand Manager at Cloetta and Martin Schiere, Consumer Goods Leads at Glocalities will guide you in 4 concise steps on how to build a successful global brand positioning straight from the beginning. 

Martin Schiere (Glocalities) - Romélia Schwarzkächel (Cloetta)


Phebi presents: It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say, that’s what gets results!

12.30 PM | Insights

English flag Phebi’s Mike Page will show how continuous non-conscious measurement of speech can add true depth to any analysis and how this can be done in real-time to bring new insights and consistencies to any methodology.

Mike Page (Phebi)


Automate for your customer’s needs – and serve them better

04.30 PM | Insights

English flag Five rules of play to automate for customer needs. Automation enables brands to be more helpful through personalized services. But when it comes to building and retaining customer trust, the way you apply these solutions is key.

Dunya van Troost (Google) - Stefan Borghuis (Ipsos)

MAY 18th


Trends & Technology: How insights technology disrupts the global research industry

12.30 PM | Insights

English flag In this online session marketing and insights managers learn how to leverage technology to keep a constant pulse on the consumers with real-time, high-quality insights, influencing marketing decisions, taking actions and developing competitive advantages on. 

Stefan Röse (quantilope GmbH) - Laura Geburtzki (quantilope GmbH)

MAY 19th


How to successfully implement data governance

09.00 AM | Data Analytics

English flag Data is everywhere, now is the time of control, let's keep your company tidy before it becomes an uncontrollable mess. Yep, we are talking about Data Governance. Join this session to learn how to take back control, from strategy to actions. You can’t even start imagining the benefits.

Guus Bartolomé - Declan Owens (AT Internet)


5 Powerful Principles to Boost Insights & Innovation

12.30 PM | Insights

English flag Leading brands and insights managers are tackling innovation projects by implementing high-quality, actionable insights into each phase of their exploration and development processes. But what does that really look like?

Peter van Keulen (quantilope GmbH)


Social science research in the age of social media: online micro-targeting during the election campaign

04.30 PM | Data Science

English flag The problem with political micro-targeting on social media is that we simply don’t know how well it works. To capture the presence and effects of targeting in the Dutch context, we set up an innovative research combining survey and observational methods (using a browser plug-in).

Rens Vliegenthart (Universiteit van Amsterdam) - Milan Driessen (I&O Research)

MAY 20th


What is the most appropriate Insight Engine for your organization?

09.00 AM | Insights

English flag Insight engines are software platforms that can generate automated insights and involve all available information sources. Insight Engines are not meant to give only a view with hindsight but can also be applied for detecting trends in an early stage and prepare companies for the future.

Sjoerd Koornstra (The House of Insights)


Stories beat Statistics: How Insight Managers accelerate their impact

04.30 PM | Insights

English flag More and more insights are generated in-house. In this session insights managers experience how to leverage the power of storytelling to unlock the insights in data and to create much more impact in their organization.

Peter Aschmoneit (quantilope GmbH)

MAY 21th


How Conversation Design™ paves the way for true insights through more meaningful conversations

09.00 AM | Insights

English flag How Conversation Design™ addresses the biggest market research challenges today by elevating the quality of insights we get from consumers.

Jan Kienhuis (Epiphany RBC) - Annemieke Onderdelinden (FrieslandCampina)

MAY 21th


The new standard in audience measurement

04.30 PM | Data Science

English flag Learn all about how Ipsos and Kantar deliver the world’s first true cross-media total audience measurement solution for the Dutch media industry.

Frans Kok (NMO) - Paul Eldon (Ipsos)

MAY 25th


Humanizing Data in a Data-driven World

09.00 AM | Data Science

English flag Reduce churn in VodafoneZiggo through the activation of Data Analytics, Behavioral Science and Consumer Insights.

Jan Zwang (VodafoneZiggo) - Patricia Verhoelst (Ipsos)

MAY 25th


Developments in the field of data science, data science consulting and usercases

04.30 PM | Data Science

English flag Delivering on the promise of data science proves hard for many organizations. Many similar obstacles occur in various industries. Following proven best practices and guidelines can help in attaining concrete business value through data science.

Robin van der Heijden (VIQTOR DAVIS)

MAY 26th


How to optimize online CX and create a winning team culture by listening to customers?

12.30 PM | Data Analytics

English flag Learn how ABN AMRO structurally optimizes online CX in multiple online finance customer journeys like Personal Loan and Investment Banking and creates a winning team mentality using the WUA Benchmark and digital experience dashboard.

Klaas Kroezen (WUA) - Nieske van Woerden (ABN AMRO)

MAY 27th


Phebi Presents: Integrating emotion & voice data, crosstab & analysis libraries

09.00 AM | Data Analytics

English flag Phebi and Red Centre Software present how Phebi’s emotion and voiced verbatims sentiment data is integrated and enhanced with Red Centre Software crosstab and analysis libraries to create even more and better insights.

Ton Koster (Phebi) - Dale Chant (Red Centre Software)

MAY 28th


Set up and run your own market research online community! A demo of the incling platform tools and capabilities.

12.30 PM | Data Analytics

English flag Set up and run your own market research online community! At incling we’ve hosted over 300,000 in depth online conversations with participants in 26 different languages over the past 7yrs. In my session I plan to give a brief overview of the incling platform and to share how you can go about setting up and running your own online community or online focus group. Sign up for this Road to MIE webinar by Juliet Pascall to discover how you can use the incling platform to gather a wide range of qualitative insights in over 26 different languages.

Juliet Pascall (incling)

MAY 31th


Hedy: A gradual programming language

12.30 PM | Data Analytics

English flag Learning to programm is easy!

Felienne Hermans (Universiteit Leiden)

JUNE 01th


Phebi Presents: Voice, the next AI frontier in healthcare research

04.30 PM | Insights

English flag Voice technology and emotion AI offers a new approach to easily capture and analyse the experiences in healthcare. This offers valuable data with a new way to monitor touchpoints and identify the right mix of channels for engagement and brand loyalty.

Abigail Stuart (Day One Strategy)

JUNE 03th


3 Neuroscience principles to improve the ROI of your brand communications

09.00 AM | Insights

English flag Developing brand communications often costs a lot of effort & money, so naturally there’s a lot at stake: sales, brand equity & maybe even your career. And yet it’s incredibly difficult to predict success!

Nathan Axford (Beyond Reason)

JUNE 03th


"Help! My customers are not doing what I want”

04:30 uur PM | Insights

English flag Few organization succeed in successfully motivating their customers. Many others try... You will learn how motivation really works, why so many attempts fail, and what it takes to be successful.

Florien Cramwinckel (Online Dialoque)

3 juni

JUNE 07th


Why Subscription-Based Business Models Need A Behavioral Approach

04.30 PM | Insights

English flag Whether you’re already offering your products or services in the form of a subscription or justconsidering it, a behavioral approach will provide you with more confidence to make the rightdecisions.

Anouar El Haji (Veylinx)

JUNE 08th


How insights boost the creative process – stories from one of the most creative agencies in the world

04.30 PM | Insights

English flag Even the most creative brands and agencies are in need of reality checks and insights throughout their innovation process to be able to launch successful products, services and campaigns.

Simon Stefansson (INGO) - Dani Kamrad (Cambri)

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