How to position and build an international brand in 4 steps: the case of Cloetta's, The Jelly Bean Factory

May 28th

04.30 PM


English flag Romélia Schwarzkächel, Global Brand Manager at Cloetta and Martin Schiere, Consumer Goods Leads at Glocalities will guide you in 4 concise steps on how to build a successful global brand positioning straight from the beginning.

Martin Schiere

Martin Schiere


As Consumer Goods Leads Martin Schiere is specialized in Global Brand Management and adapting your branding and marketing to different cultures. He is passionate to what motivates consumers, what sets different groups of consumers apart and what unites them.

Romélia Schwarzkächel

Romélia Schwarzkächel

Global Brand Manager

Romélia Schwarzkächel is a passionate Global Brand Manager with extensive marketing experience. With a drive to build and grow brands across markets.


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