Phebi Presents: Integrating emotion & voice data, crosstab & analysis libraries

May 27th

09.00 AM

Data Analytics

English flag Phebi’s emotion and voiced verbatims sentiment data will be enhanced by a library analysis of the transcriptions. This webinar will present a working example of how to deploy reusable crosstab and analysis modules in proprietary systems.

"Red Center Software is proud to partner with Phebi to analyse voice enabled sentiment through its transcription to create even more and better insights."

Dale Chant
Ton Koster

Ton Koster

Managing Director, Nothern Europe

Ton Koster has 30+ years experience in the software industry specifically targeted towards market research. After being the VP Europe for SPSS for 20 years, Ton established his own business Knowledge Navigators, working together with a network of independent companies across Europe, USA and Australasia. In 2020 this resulted in setting up the Phebi voice enablement business for Northern Europe.

Dale Chant

Dale Chant


Dale has been developing software for the processing and analysis of survey data since 1991, first for the Australian company, Sutherland Smith, and then, following acquisition and relocation, for NFO in New Jersey, USA. Dale specialises in solutions to the many issues which often trouble continuous tracking operations.


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